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Kevin Eric Smith ,

Arthritis and Gout are no longer considered "old man diseases"........and they are dangerous!

These joint conditions were once considered the inevitable outcome of old aging joints.  However, these painful conditions have more than doubled in the past 10-15 years, with a shocking amount of sufferers now found to be under the age of 40.  Doctors have seen the sharpest rise in patients in their 20's and 30's, some 30% since 2012, suffering from a disease that was once thought to be limited to royalty.  Not so coincidentally, the rise in obesity, Diabetes Type 2, and prescriptions such as low-dose aspirin and diuretics has occurred almost simultaneously.

Even still there is large percentage of the population that suffers silently having never been diagnosed, or sometimes misdiagnosed.  Gout especially can be overlooked by medical professionals due to inaccurate blood measurements of Uric Acid.  Unless the fluid is directly aspirated from the joint it can be difficult to identify.  Many that are under an attack at the time they are seen by a physician will have low to normal blood serum Uric Acid levels.  Why is this?  While someone is under a Gout Attack the Uric Acid has crystallized and ferociously jabbing at their joint(s).  While it is in crystal formation and attacking the joints, it is rare for soluble levels to measure high in the blood concurrently.  If that was the case, one isn't likely to be under an attack and in such pain.

Q: Is it possible to be under an attack and still have high soluble amounts in the blood? 

A: Yes, but that should be cause even more concern.

Many of these conditions are precursors to much more serious and deadly diseases affecting the heart, the brain, the liver, the kidneys, and more.  If you are suffering from joint pain of any kind, inflammation is present in your life and poses a much higher risk for secondary, often more dangerous, diseases.  Many don't realize how these conditions can lead to heart disease, kidney failure, etc.  Preventative action could save your life.

Q: Do we need to consider treating all of these conditions the exact same way? 

A: To a large degree, absolutely.

The underlying, common factor of Inflammation can and should be addressed.  There is still so much to be learned about the connections between the death of our cells and inflammation, but one thing is for sure -- chronic inflammation is at the root of all of these painful and life-threatening conditions.  Diet and lifestyle changes are non-negotiable if you truly want confront these health threats.  If becoming a walking pharmacy is not your idea of living, the choice is clear.
  1. Say no to medication and yes to meditation.
  2. Trade soda for water, always.  Even better, add some fresh squeezed lemon to that water.  If you feel the need for a sweet drink every once in a while try some fresh brewed tea with stevia added for all natural sweetness.
  3. Address your diet, and address it honestly.
  4. Exercise.  A good deal of heart-pumping and sweat WILL make you feel good. 
  5. Sleep!  Sleep an extremely underrated health habit and so very important.
  6. Understand that even the best diet still needs additional vitamins and supplements.  Our soil just isn't what it used to be and supplements fulfill that void.

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